How to Crop a Screenshot on Mac?


How to Crop a Screenshot on Mac?

To learn how to crop a screenshot on Mac, you can download a snipping tool, then launch it by selecting the screen capture option. Then, make a cross-shaped move with your mouse. Cropping is now quick and easy. This handy app allows you to add annotation, watermark, and blur to the screenshot. You can also crop the image with Preview for Mac. Double-clicking an image will open it in Preview. From here, you can crop it and edit the image with other tools.

how to crop a screenshot on mac


If you want to crop a screenshot on your Mac, the first thing you should do is open Preview. In this window, select a rectangle and drag it inwards or outwards to adjust the size. The cropped screenshot will be saved to your desktop. To crop a screenshot on your Mac, you must first open Preview. Click the crop icon on the top right corner of the image. Next, drag the crop border so that the white area becomes the image and save it to the desktop.

Alternatively, you can use the Preview tool in your Mac to crop screenshots. This tool will also allow you to preview and edit image files. You can edit and crop the image, as well as resize and annotate it. In addition, you can make your screenshots look more professional by choosing different cropping options. Once you’ve made the final selection, you can save your screenshot to your computer.


If you’re looking for the easiest way to crop a screenshot on Mac, then the Photos App is the way to go. This application features a handy cropping tool, and can also be used to crop photos. The first step in the cropping process is to open the screenshot in Photos. Next, click on the crop icon, and then drag the blue dots to change the size of the screenshot.

To crop a screenshot on Mac, hold Command-Shift-4. Hold the keys as you drag the cursor over the screenshot window. You will see a thumbnail on your desktop. Click and drag the crosshair until you’re satisfied with its size and cropping. Release the mouse or trackpad to save the screenshot. It will appear on your Mac’s desktop as a PNG file.

Snipping Tool

Snipping is the process of removing unwanted areas from an image. This technique is often used to improve composition, remove distracting elements from a scene, and crop an image to make it smaller or larger. Cropping on the Mac can be accomplished in a number of ways, depending on the software you use. On a Mac, the first step is to open an image in Preview, then choose “Adjust Size” from the menu. Another way is to select “Adjust Size” in the “Edit” menu. Then, the “Snipping Tool” command is available in the same menu. After selecting the tool, you can copy the snipping area to the clipboard. Alternatively, you can select the entire screen by pressing Ctrl + PrtScn.

In macOS, screenshots are taken from the Camera Roll. After you take the screenshot, a floating thumbnail will appear. Click the thumbnail to bring up the cropping tool. The thumbnail will disappear after a few seconds. Once you’ve clicked the crop icon, you can select the area of the screenshot that you want to keep. When you’re finished, click “Save” to save your screenshot. You can also use the Preview app to crop screenshots on Mac.

Taking Screenshots With Keyboard Shortcuts

If you are having trouble taking screenshots on Mac, you should try the following keyboard shortcuts: Shift, Command, 4 and Spacebar. This combination will enable you to customize the screenshot window and capture a specific area of the screen. Alternatively, you can click the screen using the trackpad or left-click the screen. A screenshot thumbnail will appear in the right-hand corner of your Mac. You can also edit the screenshot thumbnail by clicking the mouse pointer.

Using a keyboard shortcut to take screenshots is a great way to record screencasts and create screenshots without having to be a professional. Once you’ve recorded a video, you can stop recording and save the video as a screenshot. You can also pause recording and resume later. Once you’ve finished recording, you can save your screenshots or delete them. You can also copy and paste screenshots to your computer.

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